November 13, 2012

Lots and Lots of Apples.

Thank you to the following organizations for their contributions to OCCAC's influx of apples:

Gebbers Farms.
Crane and Crane Orchards.
Buster Carter and the Masonic Lodge.
Magi Warehouse
Rotary First Harvest

We are also grateful for a large yellow cube van, and the folks who will make use of all of these apples.

The story is Gebbers had a lot of apples from last year, set up in atmospherically controlled cold storage. The apples had not sold, and they needed room for some new apples. Gebbers graciously donated these apples to the food bank system by distribution through the Okanogan County Food Bank at OCCAC. The total number of pallets equaled 42. Thank you Gebbers.
Crane and Crane Orchards set aside three bins of apples that were going to be juiced, but were hand selected to get the bad ones out, for the purpose of donating to the food bank.  Thank you Crane and Crane Orchards.

Buster Carter donates apples each year as a collaborative effort through the Masonic Lodge; these apples come from Buster Carter's orchard. This year OCCAC recieved 12 bins of apples from Buster Carter. Thank you Buster Carter and the Masonic Lodge, and BC Gordon.

OCCAC did not, of course have warehouse capacity for such a huge amount of apples, but Magi Cold Storage did, and they permitted OCCAC to store apples there for a period of time at the end of the cold storage season. Thank you Magi Cold Storage.

Wal Mart provided OCCAC with the money which purchased the petroleum, which allowed the yellow truck to move around okanogan county -- to act as the transport for redistributing these apples.

Americorps and Rotary First Harvest provided the human to drive around / arrange to pick up / solicit donations / load / unload / record. etc. the apples.

73,740 lbs of Apples were put into the Okanogan County Food Bank System between the dates of 10/17/12 and 11/6/12.

Thank you to everybody involved for your help, and thank you for all of the donations and volunteer assistance that OCCAC has received this year.