May 8, 2012

Thank you Home Depot of Omak, WA, for the following contributions:

- Donating materials for 10 raised bed gardens to distribute to low income families in Okanogan County.
- Assembling the aforementioned beds.
- and donating a $1,400.00 Gift card to pay for additional needs associated with the Square Foot Garden Outreach Project.

Because of your support, ten low-income families will gain experience gardening, and hopefully continue to do so the rest of their lives. OCCAC is trying to make these experiences positive, so as to encourage continued growth, but without the assistance of the community, there is no community action.

Thank you Home Depot, for making this project possible.


Yesterday, two people came to the gate while Kyle was working in the garden, and walked away with packets of seeds. If you, or someone you know would like to experience this phenomenon, try stopping by the garden during the week. If you see the gate open, chances are somebody would love to talk with you about what's happening in your garden this season.

Food For All Garden  May '8th 2012:

The photos above are our Hay Bale Experiments. The idea is to plant directly in the Hay Bale, and see if it is possible to grow while the bale decomposes. If you look at the second picture, you can see the White Clover seeds that were sown to fix nitrogen in the bales, as well as some fungi that were dormant in the bale, and came up when we started to water.

The process is exciting, and i with a little more time, and a bit of compost, we  hope these bales will be ready for vegetables.


Kyle built these bins yesterday out of pallets and scrap wood, and now OCCAC has a tumbler and an on-site bin; this is exciting because that means we can begin to compost our own waste here at the food bank. Compost is so vital, and recent surveys indicate that people are not doing so because it is smelly.


Layer that compost up with brown materials and green materials so oxygen can get to everything. Probably the worst composting practice in the world is that primordial soupy, anaerobic mess that was forgotten about at the bottom of the trash bin, and smelled so awful somebody vowed never to compost again. ---Please try again, and if you haven't tried yet, please try. Compost is amazing. If you want to talk decomposition, and you can chat with Kyle about worms.

Square Foot Gardening:

An introductory method of growing intense amounts of vegetables in  a raised bed.

How much can you grow in 16 sq ft?

Have a good day.