October 23, 2012

Square Foot Garden Season End.

The close of the Square Foot Garden Season demonstrated that people are all at different stages of learning, and that any amount of garden experience is a huge step toward continued garden experience.

OCCAC was able to install 10 gardens in 2012, 9 in the spring, and 1 in late summer. We are giving the Fall garden a bit more time to develop, but the survey results are in for the 9 other distributed gardens.

Of 9 gardens:

100% said they would continue to garden next year,
80% said they would expand their garden next year
100% gained garden experience in techniques and methods
100% said that the square foot garden method was easy to use
and 40% indicated that they would need garden mentoring advisement to continue next year. 

As far as an overall program rating goes, the average came in at 4.3 / 5 for overall satisfaction with the program, and the daily increase of produce due to the garden was 2.3 servings each day.

Folks were happy to recieve their gardens, and tended to experience a lot of learning -- some got more learning than vegetables, but from our perspective, that just means save your seeds and try again next year.

The beautiful thing about the SFG outreach program is that each family is now equipped to follow through with gardening practices as long as they are inclined to do so.

Alvin Potts, Michelle Puki and their daughter. -- Winthrop, WA.

In that regard, we consider this program a great success.

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