September 27, 2010

Peaches and Pluots!!

So I am a little late posting this but I wanted to let everyone know how great last week’s gleans were!!!! Some of our most dedicated gleaners were present at both events. The first day Joanne and Richard picked 610 lbs of peaches independently!! I wish I had a picture of their big smiling faces and all the pallet of great fruit they brought in, but I had a camera malfunction!
Last Friday afternoon we also gleaned about 1300 lbs of Pluots! We had a hand full of new volunteers, local and visitors, as well as Richard and Joanne. We all had a great time getting to know one another while picking all the delicious fruit (and of course sampling some fruit as we went!)

We also had some fun food preservation classes last week. The first one, hot water bath canning and the second one, food dehydration. We learned some different techniques for making the syrup for canning pears as well as the current USDA standards for hot water bath canning. Later in the week we learned the how to dehydrate tomatoes and the multitude of ways to use your finished product throughout the winter. Check out our documents for some hand outs from the classes, including simple recipe for pears cobbler and recipes for using dehydrated tomatoes (document title: Dehydrating tomatoes). I love the tomato paste recipe!!!

September 1, 2010

Setting and beating goals!

A tight schedule, one veteran gleaner, two new volunteers, and 43 boxes to fill. The goal: Glean at least 800 lbs of nectarines in just over an hour. Bets (simply stated, nothing wagered) were placed and in the end there were 886 lbs of nectarines gleaned and donated to the food bank! It was great to see how fast we could move and still have a great time chatting and getting to know new volunteers. Thanks to everyone who helped!!!