August 24, 2010

Peaches, Plums and Veggies...Oh my!

Last week was an amazing week for gleaning! We had 3 new volunteers join us to pick nearly 800 pounds of peaches and more independently lead gleaning by a return gleaner who helped a regular garden donor bring in 66lbs of cucumbers and 120 lbs of zucchini. After a couple more small gleans in the week we ended with a total of 1250lbs of gleaned produce donated to the Food Bank!
Some of the gleaned vegetables were not of the popular variety such as collards. However a flier was made with a description and recipe and many food bank clients took them home for the first time to give them a try. A few families were able to take box of peaches as well to do some canning, so they will be enjoying the fruits of the gleaning volunteer's labors through the winter!
This week is also off to a great start. We had 7 new volunteers and two returnees help dig 198 lbs of Yukon gold and red potatoes. Everyone had a great time digging for Yukon treasure! A big thanks to all of you for being so generous with your time and muscle! Digging potatoes is not the easiest of jobs. And a big thanks to all of the generous growers who provided these gleaning opportunities.

August 17, 2010

Newsy Stuff

So it’s a bit of a late announcement, but I thought everyone should know that this quarter's news letter is now available! Some of you may have already picked one up at the market, but just in case you can check it out in our documents section as well.
Topics of you may want to read about over coffee are P.L.A.N.T our new partnership with Family Health Centers WIC, various food preservation articles, the Spring Season Summary and some of the new stuff like upcoming free community classes and the fancy new Food For All Organic T-shirt. If you haven't seen the shirts you must check them out the next time you are at the market! Amazingly soft and a great design! You can purchase them both at the market and at Community Action. All Proceeds go to Food For All.

If you want to receive the letter via email please email me at

August 16, 2010


So we have been having a lot of fun & success with the gardening and gleaning portions of Food For All. And we are now excited to be offering food preservation classes to bring the program full circle ensuring excess produce can be enjoyed through the winter!
This past Saturday we had our first canning class at the Community Cultural Center in Tonasket. Kathy Johnson and I demonstrated the simple steps to make hot water bath canning safe and effective to preserve many of the fruits available in the area. Those who joined us enjoyed a fun interactive class and got to eat some samples of fresh Red Haven Peaches (the fruit we used to demonstrate hot water bath canning). If you weren't at the class and want to get some basic canning info check out our document section. You may also want to check out our link to the current USDA standard for canning.
This is the first of a handful of free food preservation classes being offered through Food For All. The next class will be on food dehydration and freezing. Fun recipes and ideas to simplify these styles of food preservation will be taught and of course there will be more yummy samples for everyone! So join us on Aug. 31 from 5:30 to 7:00pm at the Okanogan Grange. Space is limited, so call ahead to reserve your spot. 422-4041.

August 2, 2010

Volunteers Leading the Way

This past week marked the first volunteer lead gleaning events. A new volunteer, Ken Vander Stoep, scoured a row a peach trees at Smallwood Farms on his own. And some of our most devoted gleaners, Richard and Joanne Burch, gleaned 171 lbs of Lapin Cherries in this past Friday morning at Delap Orchards. Having these volunteers lead gleaning trips is a big step in the direction of Food For All becoming a self sustaining program. We really appreciate all of our volunteer efforts and we look forward to having more volunteer led gleans from our devoted and enthusiastic gleaners.

Dalap Orchards also made this year’s record donation of 1056 lbs of peaches. These were quickly distributed though out the county and are being enjoyed by many. In fact I saw someone indulging a juicy peach before he even made it home!